Introducing… our ‘Feel-Good Football’ series

Chris Henderson, 04 June 2019

Football is wonderful.

Here at The Football Brief, we aim to focus on the positive aspects of the beautiful game. When football throws us a curveball, we try to laugh it off and just enjoy things.

When you flick on the evening news, it can often feel like a constant cycle of uncertainty, negativity and cynicism.

‘Unpopular opinions’ on Twitter are masterclasses in stating the obvious, the owners of tweets clearly fearful of being burned by the unforgivable coruscating heat of the internet troll.

Feel-Good Football

That’s why we’re launching a series over the summer called ‘Feel-Good Football’. It’s a collection of three articles per week in celebration of why we all love the beautiful game.

The series includes heart-warming stories from across the world of football, interviews with some leading names, including experts in mental health and wellbeing, as well as casting a light on some unsung heroes and rising stars.

Listen to Buddha’s sage advice and ‘concentrate the mind on the present moment’. Who knows, you may well enjoy it.

Our aim is to serve up a welcome reminder that football has never been at a higher standard, and the game continues to offer hope and optimism to people all around the world.

Look out for our opening article landing later this week, an exclusive interview with Paul Thomas Bell – football presenter, writer and patron of mental health charity, Back Onside.

We’re excited about the series, we hope you are too. Enjoy.

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